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    Viet Nam Tea

    With the drastic changes of human life in the new century, human food sources is becoming more diverse and plentiful, but poses a question: does the food source that really ensure safety when using?

    Born, raised and grown from within the "cradle" of the country’s “the First of Tea Prestige”, there is a person of Thai origin at the time who desires to bring to the market a tea product branded "clean" original Thai Nguyen because Thai Nguyen tea is a brand of drink inherently existing for many lifes, as well as always distresses on the development of tea market in Vietnam ( Vietnam tea ). From that thought, 12 years ago on the Vietnam’s tea market, the elite had formed a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of branded Tea "TanCuongXanh" – “TanCuong” is the land to produce deluxe and premium tea in ThaiNguyen; while "Green" means the green color of tea leaves, color of proliferation, the color of safety and trust.

    With tea buds is the crystallization of incense of mountains- flavor of high areas blended into each other through the serious and sophisticated extraction-processing of the famed Thai Tea artisans and verification by a team of technical experts to create an elegant and pure drink concentrated with pure and dainty fragarance of Vietnamese people - become a characteristic spirit of Vietnamese tea culture.

    With the non-stop efforts, spending more than 10 years of construction and development, TanCuongXanh Tea brand is increasingly going into the Vietnam’s tea market in particular and the world of beverages in general.

    What has done, is doing and will do by your staff members in TanCuongXanh family is the greatest demonstration for the motto of TanCuongXanh: Carry a brand of clean authentic Thai Nguyen tea to consumers. The trust of clients in TanCuongXanh’s products is tremendous motivation to continue bringing ThaiNguyen Tea products closer to the consumers in the country and contribute to the overall career that is promoting Vietnamese agricultural products to the friends all over the five continents.

    TanCuongXanh would like to send wishes to health, happiness, success and especially send our sincere gratitude to you, our customers and partners for trusting Thai Nguyen tea products branded TanCuongXanh for over past period as well as warmly welcome the customers to first meet the upper TanCuongXanh Tea products.

    TanCuongXanh kindly respects!!!


    Thai Nguyen : 0208 370 8998

     Ha Noi : 0243 839 8447 - 0983 412 602

    Email : Tancuongxanh01@gmail.com

    TPHCM : 02838 111 866 - 0919 998 202

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