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    3. Outstanding features of delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Ha Noi

    Different from other types of tea, the delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi has outstanding features that make those to have once tasted unforgettable.

    The delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi is the pride of the capital people, the reason for retaining a lot of people with grace who have ever had the chance to experience this tea. It seems that the difference in the soil vapor, water vapor, and pedology in each region have created a characteristic flavor of each tea leaf, and so does Thai Nguyen tea.

    What makes the attractiveness of delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi?

    Someone has said that delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi is like an arrogant girl, which must be careful to make it emit the scent of tea leaves. The following information will tell you more about some features that create their own unique features:

    1. Overview

    Thai Nguyen tea after being harvested will undergo tea dehydrating, tea drying and manual scenting so as to preserve the complete scent of tea leaves. The remarkable thing of this stage is that the tea-smith must have a gentle operation to help the leaves dry evenly but not be crushed.

    2. Color of tea water

    The fact that tea water must have a blue green color to be a tasty tea is considered a misguided opinion that many people often think. The delicious Thai Nguyen tea water in Hanoi is pure viscous yellow like the autumn weather, while hot tea will send out the appealing pure 

    3. Seek the address of selling delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi:

    To seek buying an authentic Thai Nguyen tea pack not being mingled is not a simple thing. One of familiar addresses trusted by a large number of consumers is Green Tan Cuong. With a desire to bring the essence of the land and sky closer to consumers, this unit has been constantly improving the quality of products and services for being increasingly improved.

    Indeed, please arrive at Green Tan Cuong every time when you have a demand for delicious Thai Nguyen tea products in Hanoi. And then after a good night sleep, you'll be able to start a new day by having a cup of tea silky yellow with a memorable good pure taste.

    4. Find the address of selling Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi at the cheapest price

    Thai Nguyen tea is a drink favored by a lot of Vietnamese people and almost "doted" on it throughout a long day. As a result, they always look for addresses of selling delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi to continuously enjoy as much as possible that essence.

    The keyword of delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi is shown widespread all over the mass media, which proves the very huge attraction from this very extremely delicious Thai Nguyen specialty. Even, it is widely known to reach many countries around the world, showing up to the end of Vietnamese tea class.

    If you have ever used delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi once, you will certainly be unable to forget the sweet, bold, aromatic taste that touches the tongue tip, then seem to wake up all the senses of the person who enjoys to be able to perceive this incredible essence.

    Silky yellow and pure green water color is the featured brand of the tea gene growing in Thai Nguyen land, combined with the very bold taste that can follow travellers wherever, even far reach different lands in the world to enjoy together this "great gift from God."

    Those very sweet Thai Nguyen tea trees can not grow itself without the process of cultivation and exploitation of the human being that converge on adequate essences of earth and sky, leaving an intense young rice-like taste pervading everywhere.

    Delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi has many different types, but the most striking remains the tea trees in Tan Cuong land, Thai Nguyen. It no longer just stays in the form of a drink, but has become the essence appealing thousand generations of people.

    Features of Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen tea trees.

    Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen tea trees are predominantly grown on feralitic, magma acid soil base or ancient alluvial, rock sand soil..., with pH level varying from 5.5 to 7, belonging to the sour soil group, extremely harsh. However, with the potential vitality of an "undaunted" tree, it saves every amount of minerals remaining under the ground, reaching the powerful long roots to collect to the end of essences.

    Since then, they have got green Vietnam tea buds, leaves with a young rice-like scent, and very sweet bold and buttery taste, which become a drink for talking favoured by many people.

    Further refer to delicious Thai Nguyen tea in Hanoi at TanCuongXanh – the prestigious address of current preferred choice.

    Come and feel the fragrance of bold tea scent, not yet drink but "drunken"!


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