Cost : 26.5 USD / kg

When spring comes, on the hills of tea in TanCuong (Thai Nguyen) region covered by the young green tea sprouts - this is the most delicious tea crop during the year. By those tea buds, TanCuongGreen has created Special bud tea named "TuocThiet TanCuong Tea" - "TuocThiet" is the sparrow tongue, which means the shape of tea buds when being harvested like the tongues of Sparrow. TuocThiet Tea or called as young shrimp or shrimp bud is also leading delicious tea of TanCuongXanh.

From a tea tree, with different harvesting ways to give out different tea types such as Tuoc Thiet tea if we pick only buds; picking one bud-one leave, we have Fishing hook tea (Long Dinh TanCuong Tea); picking two leaves-1 bud should have Premimum TanCuong Tea... The flavor of the tea is evaluated according to the formula 3K + 1 (meaning Fragrance-Color-Taste and Spirit).

Tuoc Thiet TanCuong tea is characterized by the fragrance of the tea like scent of grilled rice (the scent of young rice) along with the grean pure tea water color. When enjoying this tea gives people tea of pure not harsh taste, the soothing acrid but not bitter tea is sipped several times that make feel sweet in the throat of this extremely good tea. Enjoying TuocThiet TanCuong tea cups brings a comfortable and sound spirit.

With the sophistication in the harvesting plus the secrets of adjusting fire - traditional processing of the traditional artisians in TanCuong (ThaiNguyen) region has created a Superior tea products. TuocThiet TanCuong Tea really is a great option for those who want to enjoy a delicious tea.

To make the Tuocthiet tea of the most delicious quality, it should pay attention to the following:

1.                  Use the purified water to make, or even spring water if affordable like Lavie, Vinh Hao ... absolutely not make tea with tap water.

2.                  The temperature from 80-85 degree, brewed with boiling water, tea will be harsh. The secret key is when the water has boiled, then wait 1-2 minutes for cooler water and then brew.

3.                  "Awakening tea" is the first step for brewing tea, pour water approximately then pour out right. Strike the next water submerged over tea, wait 3-5 minutes and then pour out for enjoyment.

Wishing you enjoy delicious authentic tea cups.